Chimney Caps

Chimney shrouds and caps offer the opportunity to shield an unsightly cap from view can also act as rain caps and spark arrestors for masonry chimneys.

Gas Logs

Realistic and natural flames are possible with certain models; especially those built for aesthetic reasons and can be customized or arranged for realism.

Fire Glass

Fireplace glass, fire pit glas, landscape glass, water feature glass and burners. Our glass is not scratched and is more brilliant with much more sparkle.


Refractory panels are the brick “sheets” that are located inside your fireplace. They may appear to be real bricks.

Heat Shields

Heat or reflector shields protect your firebox from heat damage while additional heat is radiated into the living space.

Fireplace Screens

Crafted out of durable iron with heavy duty mesh.  We also offer custom “Glass Screens”


Log lighters, gas fireplace keys, damper clamps and more.  We offer a variety of accessories at competitive pricing.